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As part of preparations for the 23rd Economic Fair, Mostar Fair Director Dalfina Bošnjak met with Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary to BiH H.E. Krisztián Pósa

Pósa: Hungary will present its economic rise at Mostar fair

Mostar Fair Director Dalfina Bošnjak held a preliminary meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary H.E. Krisztián Pósa and associates, they discussed the appearance of Hungary as a partner country of the 23rd International Economic Fair 2020, that will be held from 31 March to 4 April 2020.

- We must cooperate with each other because it is better to cooperate than to be eaten by the greats. That is why we are pleased that Hungary is a partner of the 23rd International Economic Fair. We know how the People's Republic of China did it last year in Mostar and the minimum we want is to do the same, if not better. We want to show that we are a serious country. Hungary has made a major step forward since 1990, and we would like to share our experiences and show our progress at this fair, which is an ideal opportunity to do so - said Krisztián Pósa, Hungarian Ambassador to BiH on this occasion.

It is already certain that the 23rd Mostar Fair will bring together a record number of exhibitors from around the world. As they point out at the Fair, the event will be enriched with regionally and internationally significant conferences, and exhibitors will be offered a combination of fair and conference events in one place.

- The Economy Fair in Mostar is viewed as Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are representatives of this country and its economy and a truly international fair that can represent our country. We have time, we will roll up our sleeves and do our best to host our Hungarian friends to help them perform at their best - said the director Bošnjak.

During the meeting, a conference was announced on the topic of linking the economy of the two countries and the arrival of the political delegation of Hungary, as well as people from the largest companies, cultural cooperation and presentation of Hungary's tourism potential in Mostar. Hungary will also showcase its strong assets - the food and agriculture, automotive and energy sectors. It is interesting that Hungary, which, in truth, does not have the sea, generates tourism income as Croatia does.

Hungary is also a leader in the European Union at a growth rate of 5.3 percent. The progress that has been made in recent years is shown by the fact that there are hardly any unemployed in the country, that they have reduced public debt and built numerous industrial plants, and that they are among the five countries that have the largest foreign investment in the world. In Hungary, there are currently 10,000 engineers employed in the automotive industry, as well as in digital technology and robotics. Hungary is currently, in its last 100 years, the most independent in its recent history.


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