The Mostar Fair is, by the number of its exhibitors and visitors, certainly the most successful fair exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our story

The Mostar Fair is, by the number of its exhibitors and visitors, certainly the most successful fair exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Considering the fact that the economic production as well as its market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not sufficient to justify specialized fair exhibitions, we have made a decision to give chance to home and foreign producers to present their achievements annually, in one place.

The Mostar Fair Inc. believes that next year, the number of exhibitors and visitors will be increasing. Dear exibitors and visitors!

To be first doesn't mean that we want to be first in figures; we want a Fair that always and again offers better and more. A team of creative, innovative and highly educated people are at your disposal for all your suggestions on how to improve the Fair services we offer.

Products of metal-working and construction industry, agriculture and food sector, the latest achievements of automobile industry, high technologies, but also offer of service sector, from banking to tourism, are traditionally presented at our Fair, in amount and quantity that meets global business needs. Geographical position of the area of Herzegovina as the strongest transit among countries and cultures is an ideal place for establishing business relations between parts of European and the world markets. With its tourist potential and rich historical and cultural heritage, Mostar and Herzegovina are at the same time an ideal destination for a pleasant and interesting stay.

In the Mostar Fair Inc., we are especially proud of our specialized exhibition named "Vines and vineyard equipment". Organizing one such exhibition, along with our efforts to provide our exhibitors and visitors with always new quality, also satisfies our need to be protectors and promoters of economic tradition of the climate in which we exist and work. Namely, the motives of grapes and wine grape have been found on medieval Bogomil standing tomb-stones and in documents dating back to the Middle Ages. The Mostar Fair is part of the network of Exhibition Association of South-East Europe Membership in this respectable association is an additional indicator of the business value of the Mostar Fair, recognized and accepted in its business branch.

Dear exhibitors, we are honoured to invite you to take part in the well-known Fair days in Mostar. Your guarantee for establishing new and useful business contacts, successful contracts, good promotion and companionship is comany Mostar Fair d.o.o. Mostar

our team

Dalfina Bošnjak


Dalfina Bošnjak has been on Mostar Economy Fair since 2001. while she has been director of Mostar Economy Fair since 2003.

Valerija Čuljak


Valerija Čuljak has been empolyee for over ten years now and she is organizer of stands construction and looks.

Mirjana Ćubela


Mirjana Ćubela is leader of the Mostar Economy Fair's office for many years now. She is also one the main organizres of the Fair.

Oliver Cvitković


Oliver Cvitković is from the beginning a spokesman for Mostar Economy Fair.

Mija Martina Barbarić


Mija Martina Barbarić for the last 11 years is a lead organizer for entertainment program.

Mateo Ćubela

External associate

Mateo Ćubela works as external associate for Mostar Economy Fair on jobs of IT support and web maintance, and he is one of the main members of the organization team.